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Just For Men

spa treatments for men
ESPA skin care products for men
facial treatments for men

A place to unwind, de-stress and spa in Cheshire. A place where you can feel equally comfortable visiting on your own, with friends or your partner. Regular massage and results driven facial treatments are often used as part of a health and stress management programme to improve performance at work or work/life balance. 

Leaf bespoke massage

45 mins – £45 / Course of 6 – £225
60 mins – £58 / Course of 6 – £290
80 mins – £75 / Course of 6 – £375

The therapist will discuss your treatment with you so it can be tailored exactly to your needs. She is able to vary the pressure and oils she uses to release tension, increase energy, ease muscle ache after sports or just to help you relax and sleep better. You may also choose whether you include the scalp, face, legs, arms etc in your massage. Add lava shells for a deep heat or deep tissue massage £10 extra


Sports massage

45 mins – £50
55 mins – £60

A specialist treatment by a qualified sports massage therapist for all runners, cyclists, rugby players, footballers and sporty people. Very beneficial if you are looking to improve performance, recover more quickly or build up after injury or a persistent niggle.


Hot lava shells massage

45 mins – £55

Heated natural lava shells are used to warm up tight muscles before carrying out a deep tissue massage using the shells


ESPA hero treatment

90 mins – £85

A great revitalising treatment working on the three key areas of tension.
It includes back exfoliation and massage, our signature grooming
facial and a scalp massage to leave you totally relaxed and rejuvenated.

With a hot lava shell massage £10 extra


Indian head massage

35 mins – £35

A head, scalp and neck massage with pressure point massage around the eyes.



60 mins – £58

A specialist, intense leg and foot massage which may alleviate migraines, circulatory problems, tension and stress.


Foot and leg massage

30 mins – £35

Both relaxing and invigorating, the therapist will stimulate reflex points as well as therapeutically massaging your legs and feet.



As quick, painless and hygienic as possible using Lycon wax. widely regarded as the best hair removal wax in the world, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm . At the same time, it conditions the skin enabling a more gentle and thorough treatment, especially if you have sensitive skin or are a wax “virgin”!

Eyebrows £15
Nostrils £10
Ears £10
Underarms £15
Full back £34-£45
Shoulders £20
Chest incl stomach £25-£45
Arms £15-£30
Half leg £25-£31
Full leg £36-£45


ESPA personalised facial 

55 mins – £62 / Course of 6 – £310

Your therapist will select the products for your skin’s specific needs that day. Your skin will be triple cleansed, exfoliated, toned, massaged and moisturised to combat ageing giving you a healthier, younger looking complexion


Environ active vitamin facial

65 mins – £63 / Course of 6 – £315 
90 mins – £80 / Course of 6 – £400 


Uses sound waves and small electrical pulses to drive highly active vitamin A into the lower layers of the skin to produce results more quickly. We can treat sun damage, pigmentation, wrinkles, scarring, rosacea, acne, broken capillaries and high colour. The 65 mins facial treats 3 areas of concern, the 90 mins treats the whole face and neck.


Grooming hand treatment


A deeply moisturising and restorative treatment to give you well groomed hands, nails and cuticles. Includes anti-ageing hand and arm massage and exfoliation to soften and smooth rough, dry skin, nail cutting and shaping.


Restorative foot fix


Your feet and lower legs will be soaked, exfoliated, massaged and intensively moisturised, removing as much rough and hardened skin as possible. Alternatively, if you have calluses and cracked heels, we will use a special treatment so the dry, thickened skin just peels away. Your nails and cuticles will also be trimmed and shaped.