Facials – CACI

CACI non surgical facelift

The UK’s best non-surgical facelift. Anyone who wants to lift up “the sag”, from Madonna to Jennifer Lopez and Cliff Richard, are all big fans.

This treatment delivers visible results without the need for surgery. Small electrical impulses lift and tone facial muscles while improving skin elasticity and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The extended facial is for more mature skin and those with specific concerns about lax muscles. The hydratone mask rehydrates and plumps the skin, cooling, soothing and calming any redness.

65 mins – £60
Course of 10 – £460
85 mins with hydratone mask – £75

CACI eye lift

This lift and firms the muscles around the eyes particularly where eyebrows lose definition with age. It also smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

20mins – £30
Course of 10 – £265


CACI jowl lift

This treatment targets muscle laxity around the jawline, lifting, firming and refining facial contours.

20mins – £30
Course of 10 – £265