Few people will have heard of cupping therapy until they saw Olympic swimmers showing off unsightly red marks all over their torsos. However the therapy is nothing new and has been embraced by Hollywood celebrities keen to tap into the benefits of this painful looking treatment.  

Cupping therapy is a treatment aimed at improving circulation in what is called the Qi area in Chinese medicine. The reason you will have seen so many athletes with cupping marks is down to the removal of toxins that cause joint and muscle pain.    

As part of cupping therapy, an experienced practitioner will start by lighting a flame inside a small cup which can be made of glass or sometimes metal. A vacuum will be created which helps produce the suction which cause the marks on the skin.  

While the process might sound painful, it should be comfortable according to practitioners and help unlock all that trapped energy which can inhibit recovery.  Unlike normal spa treatments, cupping is a medicinal technique and can be used to relieve more serious joint and muscle pain.  

The treatment is also designed to have a calming effect much like any other spa treatment.  It is even said to reduce the effects of cold and flu viruses and digestive problems. Anyone with a skin condition should seek advice before having cupping therapy. 

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