…yet 95% of people don't get enough! We recently met Dr Des Fernandes, founder of Environ skincare, in Dublin. Needless to say, the conversation soon turned to his favourite subject – the critical importance of vitamin A! From the moment a human egg is fertilised, vitamin A starts its activity. Cell growth and therefore a baby's development will not progress properly without adequate levels of vitamin A. It is locked into mammals' DNA and is as essential to proper cell growth as oxygen is to life.


Vitamin A is the central core of Environ and all products are produced under medical grade manufacturing processes, that is, under red light. Exposing vitamin A to oxygen and light weakens its strength. To help drive vitamin A deeper into the skin to produce the best anti-ageing results, Environ facials involve the use of a DF machine that has been patented by Dr Fernandes. It was the first machine in the world to combine sonophoresis and iontophoresis effectively.

The DF machine takes facial treatments to the next level – totally painless, relaxing, comfortable but extremely effective. Twenty minutes of the pulsed iontophoresis is equal to seven hours massage and five minutes of the low frequency sonophoresis is equal to 700 hours massage!

And the research and development continues. 2008 saw Environ start the world's biggest and longest trial on a "facelift in a bottle". Over 100 people took part over 3 years before Revival Masque was launched with a 92% approval rating from the participants. 2014 saw the launch of Avance – the world's most sophisticated peptide complex that successfully smoothes out fine lines. As Environ products contain very active levels of vitamin A, shelf life can be short. The company is currently working on ways to extend the shelf life without weakening the strength of the vitamin A content that makes Environ unique and most effective.

At the end of our discussion we asked Dr Fernandes what the three best pieces of advice he could give us about our skin. He replied:

1.  Don't cleanse too aggressively. Scrubs should only be used on floors!

2.  Use vitamin A. It's never too soon, over the age of 4 is the perfect time

3.  Carry on using vitamin A till you die.



Dr Des Fernandes was talking about how critical vitamin A is

Dr Des Fernandes, doctor, surgeon, scientist, pioneer & founder of Environ skincare


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