Vita Liberata Tan Cheshire

If you’re looking for a tanning in Cheshire, our Vita Liberata tan will give you the celebrity-bronzed look.  At Leaf Lifestyle and Beauty in Chester we use only the best beauty products and Vita Liberata is one of the best fake tans on the market.

Celebrities such as Kelly Brook and Denise Van Outen use it as do several other celebrities you might see out and about with their bodies on display. What people love about Vita Liberata is its even tan and it fades evenly too so you don’t need to worry about re-applying every other day as happens with other tanning products.

The best part of using a fake tan is that you avoid damage to your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and still get the benefit of a healthy looking tan.

Vita Liberata has a whole range of spray tanning products designed to give you a natural looking tan. There are several shades to choose from including medium Ecuador and Brazilian dark so we can provide you with the right tan for your skin tone.

Vita Liberata also happens to be 80% organic and doesn’t contain alcohol or perfume which can be harsh on the skin. It is also free from harmful parabens and contains uplifting ingredients such as Gingko Biloba and Pomegranate amongst other natural fruit extracts.

So if you are planning a special occasion why not book into our Day Spa in Cheshire for your Vita Liberata tanning experience?