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We have established a strong reputation for both relaxing and therapeutic massage in Chester. We offer bespoke massage where you choose a 45 minute, 60 minute or 80 minute appointment and the massage pressure and oils are tailored to your exact needs on the day. We also offer specialist remedial massage, heat based massage with hot lava shells and ESPA’s iconic body treatments which are performed in many of the world’s leading spas. All these treatments are offered to all genders.

  • Leaf Bespoke Massage

    • 45 mins

    • 60 mins

    • 80 mins

      The therapist will discuss your treatment with you and tailor it exactly to your needs. She can vary the massage pressure and oils she uses to: release tension, increase energy, ease stiffness or to help you relax and sleep better. You choose whether you include the scalp, face, legs, arms etc in your massage.

      • Add lava shells for a deep heat or deep tissue massage – £10
  • Leaf Bespoke Leg and Foot Massage

    • 30 mins

  • Indian Head Massage

    • 35 mins

      A head, scalp and neck massage with pressure point massage around the eyes that may help to relieve headaches, stress, scalp problems, lymphatic circulation and muscle tension. It is particularly suitable for people in wheelchairs or the partially immobile.

  • Hot Lava Shells Massage

    • 45 mins

      We have left the stone age behind – this is a far superior experience, warming up tight muscles before massaging using the hot shells

  • Reflexology

    • 60 mins

      A deeply relaxing treatment, Sara, our specialist therapist, who is also a qualified nurse, uses her hands and thumbs to massage and apply pressure to reflex points on the feet and lower legs. Benefits include stress and anxiety relief and improved sleep. She is also specially trained to treat those living with cancer or dementia as well as their carers.

  • Reiki

    • 60 mins

      Sara is also a Reiki Master. Reiki is gentle, non-invasive and said to use energy flow from the therapist to the recipient. Again, very beneficial for anxiety and for those living with cancer or dementia.

  • ESPA Back, Face and Scalp Treatment

    • 90 mins

      Our ESPA ‘hero’ treatment. A wonderfully revitalising treatment working on the three key areas of tension. It includes back exfoliation and massage, a personalised facial and a scalp massage to leave you totally relaxed and rejuvenated. This is our ultimate ESPA treatment.

      • Add a hot lava shell massage – £10
  • ESPA Mindfulness Massage

    • 90 mins

      Still your busy mind with this holistic, deeply relaxing and clarifying experience. Your therapist will guide you through breathing and visualisation techniques before gently massaging reflexology points on your feet. The soothing massage is continued up through your body finishing with a re-energising scalp massage and warm rose quartz crystals on your forehead and temples. Mindfulness is about being in the moment, not regretting the past or worrying about the future. This mindfulness massage will help you to focus calmly on the present and emerge with a renewed sense of positivity.

  • ESPA Special Soothing Massage

    • 50 mins

      A deeply nurturing massage. You remain face up and completely supported during the treatment. Ideal for anyone with mobility problems, aches and pains or anxiety.

  • ESPA Holistic Body Scrub

    • 25 mins

      Your skin is exfoliated with an exquisite combination of salts and oils, removing dead cells, stimulating your lymphatic system so your skin is smooth and soft. Perfect on its own or before a massage.

  • ESPA Deep Cleansing Back Treatment

    • 50 mins

      A luxurious exfoliation is followed by a stimulating aromatherapy back massage. A customised mask of individually chosen essential oils and marine mud is then applied while you enjoy a relaxing lower leg and foot massage. Ideal for all skin types as well as congested skin to stimulate cell renewal.

  • ESPA Body Wrap

    • 90 mins

      A wonderful treatment to make your skin glow and to stimulate your body’s senses. A luxury salt scrub exfoliates, softens and smoothes your skin before an intensely relaxing massage. A mineral-rich, nourishing mud wrap is then applied while you enjoy a stimulating scalp massage. A lovely treatment for eczema and psoriasis sufferers.


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