It’s the time of year when thoughts turn to going to the beach or maybe jetting off for a summer holiday in some exotic location. While this means pleasure there may also be a bit of pain needed in the form of a bikini wax before you go. So here are some tips on minimising the discomfort.  

Discomfort is probably a better word to use than pain these days. Even though your hairs are being pulled out by the roots there is still plenty that can be done to make the process if not pleasurable then perfectly bearable.  

Use almond oil  

Apply the almond oil over your skin before hot wax is added. Almond oil is very popular in the Mediterranean and South East Asia  and is rich in vitamin E which makes it good for hair and skin.  

Choose a good technician  

You will want to make sure that whoever is doing your waxing is qualified and experienced. This means they will get the job done faster and with the minimum of discomfort.   


If you exfoliate before having your waxing session it will help lift any hair that may be tucked away under your skin as well as get rid of any dead skin. Removing these obstructions will make it easier to extract hair.   

Moisturise your skin  

You probably do this on a regular basis anyway, but just make sure your skin is hydrated so that you reduce the chance of red patches and ingrowing hairs. 

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