The days are getting longer and even sunnier for a change, which makes it a great time to start living healthier and fitter.   

Gaining an extra hour of daylight can be just the boost we need to get us out and about and enjoying fresh air and exercise and we have put together these tips to help you make the most of it.   

  1. The lighter evening means that it easier to fit in some running or jogging after work. Better still ask a friend to be your exercise buddy. Studies have shown that you will commit to exercise longer if you have someone who accompanies you regularly and you can push each other on to achieve your goals.   

  1. As the mornings get lighter, try and get your exercise done before you go to work or before the children get up. It’s much easier to maintain a regular morning routine than try and fit things in at the end of the day when tiredness has a habit of creeping in.  

  1. Cycling to and from work is much easier at this time of year when you don’t have to worry as much about drivers not spotting you. The bonus is that if you cycle to work everyday, this will probably keep you fit as part of your daily routine without having to fit in the extra time for fitness classes or the gym.  


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