Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD as it is often called is a form of depression triggered by a change in season. It is most commonly associated with the winter months and although people often dismiss the possibility, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that is real and there are ways to prevent or lessen its impact on your daily life.  

The symptoms of SAD can include general malaise, a lack of interest in activities you previously enjoyed, feeling tired all the time and eating more than usual.  

People tend to experience the symptoms of SAD during the winter months and particularly in the northern hemisphere where days are very short and sunlight is restricted. Winters in the northern hemisphere often means several days where the sun doesn’t come out from behind the clouds at all, which deprives the body of the healthy benefits of sunlight exposure.  

So one possible treatment for SAD is sunlight therapy. Having a just a few sessions a week for 30 minutes can dramatically improve mood. If SAD is having a more severe impact on your everyday life then it is advisable to see a doctor.  


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