With the thermometer regularly hitting the high points this summer, getting those short revealing clothes out is a must to keep cool, but what happens when those clothes reveal more than a few stray body hairs?

While there are people who appreciate body hair, they are the minority of the population. The rest of us would probably never live down the embarrassment of having hair from our private bits on display even if they are only visible from the side.

Luckily if you live in the Chester area you have Leaf Lifestyle and Beauty’s expert waxing technicians who can help remove all that visible hair. So why not consider your options now that the summer is in full swing. We cater for all your waxing needs from Brazilians to bikini waxes, underarm waxes, leg waxes, half-leg waxes – in fact you name the hairy part and the chances are we’ll wax it.

All the waxing takes place at the day spa so you can combine your waxing with our other treatments to make it a full summer spa experience. So what are you waiting for? Ditch that razor and get your body swimsuit ready.


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