If you have ever visited a spa, you may have come across body brushing as part of the menu. While it might sound painful it is usually done firmly but gently as part of the preparation for various other spa treatments including wraps and massages.  

As you might expect body brushing is used to clear dead skin and any other impurities that build up on the surface over time. The act of brushing the skin also increases blood flow as the body reacts so that any further treatments will be even more effective.  

Body brushing is one of the oldest spa treatments with a history stretching back thousands of years. There is evidence that body brushing was a treatment in ancient China, Greece and Rome as well as Egypt – a country that has legendary status for its skin care regimes.    

Depending on what you read about body brushing, you may hear that body brushing can eliminate toxins from the body and the appearance of cellulite. Whether this is true or not probably depends on other factors not directly connected to the treatment, however the treatment certainly won’t hurt as long as you have reasonably healthy skin.

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