Sunlight Therapy Chester

The sun doesn’t just bring life to our planet, from the dawn of human history we have all gained certain health benefits from the sun’s rays. Perhaps the biggest of these benefits is vitamin D and you can now get all the benefits sunlight therapy in Chester.

Vitamin D is often referred to as the sunshine vitamin and it can help reduce your risk of acquiring all kinds of illnesses including MS, heart disease, flu and cancer.

Just 10 minutes exposure to the sun’s rays is enough to provide health benefits but the problem is that spending time in direct sunlight outdoors can also damage the skin. The sun’s rays are made up of UVR, UVB and UVA all of which can cause changes to DNA.

Fortunately you can now receive all the benefits of the sun without having to go outside and be exposed to its harmful effects. The unique Swedish sun simulator we have at our day Spa in Cheshire will help boost you production of vitamin D while you relax in the warmth of real sunlight.

The sophisticated simulator even recreates sunrise and sunsets and with the temperature kept at a steady 28 degrees you will soon get that holiday feeling.