The spa vouchers and gift vouchers market has grown dramtically in the last few years, especially amongst employers as an incentive tool. Gift vouchers were first introduced about 70 years ago but since 2003, their popularity has grown between 5% and 15%, according to the UK Gift Card and Voucher Association. The total market is now worth £4bn with 40% business-to-business

But why are they considered by many to be more of a motivator than a pay rise or a cash incentive? Cash often gets dumped in a bank account to go towards the gas bill whereas a voucher for spa breaks in somewhere like Cheshire is a treat and leaves the recipient with a memory. Employees will make positive associations between their spa day treats in Cheshire (or whatever is chosen) and their employers.

Gift vouchers for spa days and spa breaks can also be used on company health and wellbeing days. Spa vouchers tend to be very flexible and can be used for any beauty treatments or spa packages. Employees can go on their own, or with friends or colleagues to enjoy a Cheshire spa break together.


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