While summer brings all the joys of warm weather sunshine and flowers in full bloom, hayfever can soon prevent you from enjoying it fully at this time of year.  

Constant runny nose, itchy or swollen eyes can soon take their toll on your appearance as well. While there are plenty of drugs available to treat this annoying allergy, many don’t always work.  

The best way to deal with hayfever is to combine different treatments. Often nasal sprays for the nose and drops for the eyes can be more effective depending on the individual. Another way to improve your wellbeing is to consider spa treatment.  

Often simple spending time indoors is enough to releieve symptoms. A good facial will also help undo some of the damage to the skin from streaming eyes and noses.  

If your ears are feeling bunged up then why not consider a our hopi ear candles treatment? The treatment includes a gentle massage of your eardrums, auditory canal and then face. While this treatment may not cure your hayfever problems, it should at least ease your symptoms by clearing out ear wax as well as soothing sore throats, sinuses and other problems linked to hayfever such as catarrh and rhinitis. 

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