Environ 3D Synergé Filler Crème with Cosmetic Roll-CIT Offer


Environ 3D Synergé Filler Crème with a Cosmetic Roll-CIT is a limited edition price while stocks last. You will receive a 50 ml bottle of Environ 3D Synergé Filler Crème for the same price as the usual 30 ml bottle which gives you 60% more crème free.

For the best results with this serum we strongly recommend using either the Cosmetic Roll-CIT or the deluxe Cosmetic Gold Roll-CIT to roll over your skin before applying the 3D Synergé Filler Crème followed by your Vitamin A moisturiser.

* This special package offer is worth £307 or £173 depending on which skin roller you choose

More information on 3D Synergé Filler Crème

More information on the Cosmetic Roll-CIT  and the deluxe Cosmetic Gold Roll-CIT

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