Give your natural lashes length, volume and lift in 10 easy steps
(and never need mascara again!)

“I have just experienced the LVL treatment at leaf and I have to say, my lashes look amazing. I haven’t had any extensions, my lashes are all my own but within an hour, they looked longer, thicker and beautifully curled. It’s a bit like when I first had Jessica gel nails done, I feel great and can’t help looking at them. The process involved me lying on a warm couch with my eyes closed for just under an hour. It doesn’t hurt, it’s not uncomfortable, so inevitably, I fell asleep. If I snored, my therapist was kind enough to tell me I didn’t”

As you have just read, Catherine loves her new look lashes, especially as she needn’t now bother with mascara, a plus as she’s got the school nativity play and a wedding coming up – both bound to be tear jerkers! So here’s how we do it in 10 easy steps

1.             PATCH TEST
We need to patch test your skin at least 48 hours before the treatment in case you are allergic to the gels and lash tints we use. There are no shortcuts. No test, no treatment. If you can’t make it into leaf beforehand, we can send you a pack for a home test. check for itching, redness or irritation. If you don’t have a reaction like itching, redness or swelling, we’re good to go!

2.             PREPARATION             
Once you’re at leaf, your therapist will fill out your LVL record card. She’ll then make sure you’re lying very comfortably on a warm couch with your head on a neck pillow and a hair net over your hair. She will cleanse your lashes with eye makeup remover and a protein cream to remove any oils or residue.

Eye treatment pads are gently placed over your lower lashes so they don’t inadvertently get caught up in the LVL treatment.

4.               CURLING SHIELDS
Your upper lashes are pressed around a silicone curled shield on your eyelids. There are three shield sizes – small, medium and large. Your therapist will discuss which size to go as it relates to the length of your lashes and your desired end result. In most cases, medium is best for thechoice. The small shield usually creates a more intense lift and is used on shorter lashes. The large one is for those who want a more subtle lift or already have a natural curl anyway.

5.               BONDING GEL
Now we can start the treament.The therapist will apply a small amount of bonding gel to the shield before using a small tool to press the eyelashes back onto the bonding gel. This gently pulls each of your eyelashes backwards to stick them to the shield – not at all painful.

6.               LIFTING BALM
Once all your lashes are bonded in place, your therapist applies a lifting balm near to, but not onto, the wet line of the eye. The gel is left on the lashes between 10 and 14 minutes depending on your hair type.

7.               VOLUMISING FIX
With the Lifting Gel removed, the next stage is the Volumising Fix, a yellow cream that fixes your lashes into place in the shape of the curved shield. This is left on for seven minutes.

8.               TINTING
The final stage is the tint to give your lashes a really great depth of colour, turning blonde or brown lashes into permanently dark. You can choose to blue/black which we recommend if you’re used to wearing mascara or fbrown/black if you want something more subtle. The tint is usually left for three to five minutes.

9.              MOISTURISING SERUM
Your lashes will now have taken on the shape of the curved shield, and will be beautifully tinted. Your therapist will gently remove any excess dye before applying a Moisturising Serum to ease the lashes away from the bonding gel on the shield. This also helps to re-nourish the lashes after the treatment. Once the shield is removed from your eyelid, voilà – LVL lashes!

With your new lashes combed and perfected, you will be given an aftercare leaflet to take home.

  • do not get any water on your lashes for 24 hours and no steam/heat from the cooker, shower, sauna, swimming pool or sunbed etc) for 48 hours
  • avoid sleeping on your front or tucking the side of your face into your pillow for 24 hours
  • do not rub your eyes or play with the shape
  • don’t use eyelash curlers
  • avoid strong sunlight for 24 hours after tinting
  • if you still choose to wear mascara, avoid waterproof varieties. We also recommend to avoid all oil-based products, especially make-up remover
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