Leg Waxing Chester

Whether it’s for that special occasion or you just want to feel good about yourself and your body, we are confident that you will find our leg waxing services to be the best in Chester. Quite simply nobody leaves the idyllic setting of our day spa in the Cheshire countryside without super glossy, super sexy legs free from hair.

Our clients often tell us about the many admiring glances they have experienced following their leg waxing treatments and we cater for both men and women. If you don’t care for a full leg wax we are happy to treat you to half leg wax.

Either way our waxing technicians will ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease while they remove all those unsightly hairs. They will also do it in double quick time to ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible and if it happens to be your first leg wax treatment, don’t worry, we can promise they will be as gentle as humanly possible!

One of the great advantages of having a professional wax is that it lasts so much longer than alternatives such as shaving. The latter can leave you with a nasty itch and damage your skin in the process. We can advise you on before and aftercare before you have your legs waxed so you can relax and make it a wholly positive experience.