January Detox

Most of us have overindulged over the Christmas period leading to feelings of tiredness and a sense of not feeling 100%.

All those mince pies, Turkey, Christmas pudding and so on can add pounds to the waistline which is why gym subscriptions sky rocket at this time of year and people ditch the alcohol for the delights of water.

A common mistake, however, is to launch a bit too enthusiastically into a new healthier lifestyle which only ends in burn outs and injury so it is important to ease your way into a new exercise routine and diet.

Also there have been well publicised reports of people overdoing it with vitamins to the point where they make themselves seriously ill. In all cases be it diet or exercise you should consult a doctor to assess your overall state of health.

Once that’s done you can ease the pain of a new exercise routine by taking some time out with one of our rejuvenating spa treatments this month. We have a full range of spa treatments available from facials to massages, manicures, pedicures and other body and holistic treatments that are guaranteed to give you a boost.

And if these short January days have left you feeling low, why not try our sunlight therapy room?

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