It may sound counterintuitive, but moisturisers can in some cases make skin problems worse including hampering your body’s natural ability to moisturise itself.  

Most people are aware of the positive benefits of moisturiser and most people will spend a fortune over their lifetime on trying to make skin stay young looking. However recent studies have found that the traditional twice daily routine of adding moisturizer can result in lazy skin and adult acne.  

8 out of 10 British women moisturize regularly, with some studies suggesting that 70% of women have dry skin. 44% however according to an article in the Daily Mail actually suffer from adult acne which hints that something is wrong with the statistics. 

Some skin experts believe that the adding moisturiser to the skin can actually hamper the delicate balance between the way skin is able to hydrate and breathe. If pores get blocked through incorrectly applying moisturizer without cleansing the skin, then the pores can get blocked leading to unsightly spots.  

The skin can even lose much of its own natural ability to moisturise leaving people even more dependent on buying moisturizer to avoid getting dry skin.     

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