It’s fair to say that when most people step into a shower, they would prefer it to be hot and steamy.

Yet a growing number of people are shunning this basic comfort and turning the temperature dial in the opposite direction so that they can treat their body to a cold shower. Are these people mad or is there something to be learned from them?

One thing is certain, taking a cold shower when you are not used to it certainly will have an effect and probably give you a shock. How susceptible you are to the shock as well as your overall health should be carefully assessed before putting your body through a cold shower routine.

A cold shower will almost certainly take your breath away, but science has also found that the shock induced by the cold water can have some beneficial health effects. These include improved circulation, faster repair of muscles and improved moods.

Some studies even show it has beneficial effects on the immune system. This explains why some elite athletes have revealed that cold baths help their bodies recover after marathons and so on. Muscle soreness is apparently reduced by 20% if an athlete takes an ice bath after participating in sports.

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