Reports in the Beauty press this week are talking about a Botox backlash as unpleasant side effects like the ‘frozen face’ and ‘wind tunnel’ effects of the treatment are rejected in favour of treatments such as fillers. 

While Botox is a highly effective treatment if you want to reduce wrinkles alone, ageing is about far more than lines on the face. As most cosmetic doctors will tell you, the late 30s is when facial muscles really start to lose their youthful strength and the structure of the face begins to weaken.  

Previously it was thought that gravity had the biggest impact and that the way to cure this was with Botox. Unfortunately this often leads to faces appearing somehow unnatural. In the UK the ratio between those using fillers and Botox is now said to be at 50/50 which is a significant change on what it has been in the past.  

Fillers are now much improved on the treatments available in the past, however it is important that the right kinds of fillers are used by good doctors. Problems can still arise particularly with permanent fillers according to the experts.  

Of course the best way to reduce the formation of wrinkles in the first place is to take care of your skin. Regular moisturising facials, good diet hydration and regular exercise can go a long way towards keeping your skin youthful for longer.

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