It’s all very well applying makeup but if it doesn’t last, then it can defeat the purpose of your hard work. So with this in mind here are our top tips to make your makeup last even in the more extreme everyday environments you are likely to find yourself in.   

Preparation for lasting makeup starts in the morning. The first thing to do is wash your face with a mild cleanser that doesn’t contain alcohol. Alcohol has a drying effect on the skin that can also stimulate the skin to be more oily than it needs to be as the body starts producing more moisture to compensate.   

Next apply a good quality hydrating cream. The thing to remember here is you don’t want to apply a cream that is excessively oily and there are plenty of products out there that rehydrate the skin and reduce dryness without causing problems with your makeup later in the day.   

Before you apply your makeup don’t forget to add primer which will provide a good base and smooth out any imperfections in your skin.  

The secret weapon in getting you makeup to last longer is a foundation fixative which is often added as a spray. This not only fixes your makeup but also keeps you skin hydrated throughout the day.

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