Some of the questions clients have asked

Q:Does vitamin A thin the skin?
A:Research confirms it does not thin the skin but actually makes it thicker. Perhaps because skin is usally much smoother it is assumed it’s thinner.

Q: My skin is pretty tough. Can I start on a higher level of moisturiser?
A: Environ’s STEP-UP-SYSTEM™ was created as too much vitamin A suddenly applied to the skin can produce a red, itchy retinoid response. Start low, go slow, to avoid this and gradually introduce the concentration of vitamin A by following the STEP-UP-SYSTEM™

Q: Will using vitamin A make my skin sun sensitive?
A: You may have read that some medications derived from vitamin A, such as Roaccutane, can increase the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. Vitamin A itself does not make the skin photosensitive. Environ’s products are  enriched with the oil soluble form of vitamin A that does not make skin sensitive in sun. Also, Retinyl Palmitate is the storage form of vitamin A and acts as a natural sunscreen.

Q: How long before I see results in my skin?
A: Some people may notice changes in a few days. Some experience some dryness in the first couple of weeks which is the skin normalising. Allow 3-6 months for changes to become noticeable.

Q: How much vitamin A is in Environ products?
A: Measuring vitamin A content as a % is very misleading. Environ measures in international units (IU). AVST 1 contains 500 IU while level 5 contains the maximun allowable before it is registered as a medical product.

Q: How long do the moisturisers last?
A: As far as possible no preservatives are added so they will last about 10-12 weeks after opening. If your moisturiser lasts longer than that, you are not using enough. You need 2 pumps morning and evening.