The benefits of massage are well-known. It has been used as a therapy for thousands of years remains popular even today. Research is still ongoing into how a massage can improve health in individuals and one of the more interesting studies has looked at the affect on the immune system of massage after exercise.  

You will often hear about elite athletes having regular massages after playing sports such as football to aid in their recovery post-matches. In high intensity sports a lot is demanded of the body and its muscles even in amateur athletes and this can often lead to muscle soreness and even lowered immunity for some individuals.  

How often do you catch cold after a few weeks of a new running routine for example? While the health benefits of exercise are proven long term, the short term depletion of the body’s reserves can have short term health effects which can include a greater likelihood of picking up colds and other viruses.  

Aches and pains following exercise are generally also a lot worse the older we get so recovery is important.  

Some studies have shown that massage following exercise can have a beneficial effect in limiting inflammatory responses but results so far have proved to be inconclusive with some showing positive effects and other uncertain.  

Research is ongoing but there is little doubt that a massage improves circulation and eases muscle stiffness which is beneficial if you want to enjoy getting your body into shape this summer. 


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