Chocolate is one of those indulgences many of us can’t do without but did you know it can actually be good for you?  Chocolate has many other benefits besides being nice to eat and that includes its therapeutic uses.  

You will see chocolate spa treatments on many spa menus, not least because it is bound to attract the attention of chocolate lovers keen to sample some of the added benefits.  

One of the biggest benefits lies in the antioxidant properties of chocolate. You may be surprised to hear that chocolate contains more antioxidants than green tea (3 times more) and black tea (5 times more).  

So smothering your skin with chocolate will not only be a heavenly experience but also one that could have a dramatic anti-aging effect.   

Antioxidants are not the only anti-aging weapon in chocolate’s armoury. It is also scientifically proven to elevate our mood by stimulating lots of feel good chemicals such as serotonin which puts us in a good mood and dopamine which acts as a regulator of those moods.     

Dark chocolate is also a rich source of iron which is important for the 11% of women who suffer from some form of iron deficiency. One bar of 70% dark chocolate contains 12% of your recommended daily allowance of iron.

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