Chiropody Chester

Our chiropody clinic in Chester will help you treat all manner of foot related problems and injuries. Our trained podiatrist holds a special clinic each week where treatment is available for corns, calluses, athletes foot, odour amongst other common conditions.

Having a chiropodist do a thorough examination of your feet is important to make sure that they remain healthy and injury free. Active people in the Chester area including many runners and walkers regularly feet checked by our chiropodist so that they can overcome injuries and regain comfort when they are taking part in strenuous activities.

Our podiatrist will assess and diagnose any problems and suggest treatments that will help alleviate or get rid of any pain you might be experiencing. Corns and ingrowing toe nails can cause particular discomfort if they are not dealt with as can less visible problems on the inside of the foot such as metatarsalgia.

Our Chester based podiatrist is available to offer advice as well as treating common foot ailments. Staff at Blue Leaf will welcome you during your appointment and ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed during your time at the day spa.

There are lots of other treatments available if you have extra time to spare including beauty treatments and pedicures.