Charcoal that humble black stuff you find in barbecues is the latest craze in the beauty world, used in anything from toothpaste to face masks but is it really better than the alternatives?

An article in the Mail recently put charcoal to the test with an investigation into some of the charcoal beauty products currently available. The results turned out to be mixed but the article did report some quite positive findings with some products.

All the fuss about charcoal currently rests on its ability to absorb all kinds of toxins and pollutants. It’s natural properties mean it’s a magnet for dirt making it in theory ideal for use on the skin as a cleanser.

If you can cope with having a grey coloured toothpaste rather than the brilliant white colour we all grew up with, then buying a charcoal toothpaste could be just the alternative to harsher tooth whitening tooth pastes out there.

The same thing goes for face masks and exfoliation. While charcoal is seen as inferior when it comes to exfoliating properties, it is at least gentler on the skin than some alternatives which means it could be ideal for more sensitive skin types.

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