Spa vouchers

The spa vouchers and gift vouchers market has grown dramtically in the last few years, especially amongst employers as an incentive tool. Gift vouchers were first introduced about 70 years ago but since 2003, their popularity has grown between 5% and 15%, according to the UK Gift Card and Voucher Association. The total market is now worth £4bn with 40% business-to-business But why are they considered by many …

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5 Health Benefits Of A Massage

Most people know that having a massage is good for them in some way and even a pleasurable experience but what about the health benefits? Massage therapy is now a mainstream treatment for a variety of health conditions with long term studies indicating that there are some positive benefits when treatments are used regularly. Here are just some of the health benefits of a massage… A massage …

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Autumn offers

Triple Lift Facial Our new and most powerful anti-ageing facial combines an Environ collagen power peptide facial with a CACI non-surgical eye and jowl lift Introductory offer 70 mins £60 (usually £78) 95 mins £75  (usually £98) BOOK NOW Lash Perfect Eyelash Extensions These professional extensions behave just like natural lashes to give you a thicker, fuller and more flattering look. They are comfortable, natural and available …

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The Chester Heatwave Means It’s Time To Spoil Yourself With A Wax Treatment!

With the thermometer regularly hitting the high points this summer, getting those short revealing clothes out is a must to keep cool, but what happens when those clothes reveal more than a few stray body hairs? While there are people who appreciate body hair, they are the minority of the population. The rest of us would probably never live down the embarrassment of having hair from our …

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