When most people think of waxing, they will often think of the Brazilian variety such is its popularity today. It feels like Brazilian waxing has been with us forever but it has really only been in mainstream existence since the early nineties.

Before waxing came along body having lots of body hair was the norm and it was perhaps less of an issue with women than it is today. The legs would usually be enough for most women but now a bikini wax is probably the bare minimum for those thinking of taking a beach holiday.

While there is obviously a skill to doing a proper bikini wax and some special considerations, the Brazilian goes further with more hair being removed. If you just want the front and sides removed when you’re being waxed then a bikini wax is enough.

If, on the other hand, you want hair from the front, back and sides removed and also everything that is in between then this will be a Brazilian. Having a Brazilian may not be for everyone, you will need to endure more of your private parts being waxed, but at least you can take comfort in removing any doubt about hairs peeking out from your bikini.

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