About Us

Before leaf, Jan Lea and Fiona Southorn worked together in postgraduate legal education (Jan’s the lawyer, Fiona’s the marketeer) and spent so much time on planes and trains that they discovered a mutual ambition to start their own business.

An unlikely background for starting up a spa and Environ skincare business? Actually it wasn’t. It’s not just trainee lawyers who need practical skills such as handling interviews, coping with stress, developing self-confidence and looking the part to become successful. Most people do.

The seeds of leaf Lifestyle and Beauty were planted. The business planning began at the start of 2008 and nine months later, leaf Lifestyle and Beauty opened its doors in the Cheshire countryside near Chester. Jan is the “lea” and Fiona is the “f” in leaf.

The ambition was always to become the best independent boutique spa, skin clinic and beauty salon in the North West. Over the past 15 years the company flourished and is proud to have won such accolades as UK’s Best Small Spa, UK’s Best Boutique Spa, UK Salon of Excellence, Best Skin Clinic North West and Best Independent Spa.

Of course no business stands still, even during a pandemic and eight months of national lockdowns and enforced closure. Luckily leaf’s online skincare sales really took off. Fifteen years of research, scientific studies, conferences, experience and client feedback led leaf to focus solely on skincare that can truly change skin and therefore people’s outlook on life, confidence and happiness. That is no idle boast.

Vitamin A is the key to this, essential for cell renewal and healthy, younger looking skin. leaf strongly believes that Environ Skin Care, with its vitamin A step-up-system, is currently the best non- prescription product on the market capable of changing skin. If you also feed skin from the inside with The Advanced Nutrition Programme, you have a very powerful combination.

Leaf has now relinguished the treatment side of the business and has moved fully online to educate, inform and sell skincare products that really work. You can be confident that you will receive individual attention, outstanding client care and honest, professional advice about how to help you achieve healthy looking skin for life.


Jan Lea


Fiona Southorn