Spa treatments are a must in the winter months and they can also be a pleasurable part of the summer months too if we consider their revitalising effects on our health and vitality.  


You may be wearing your high SPF sun cream as dermatologists advise but the skin is one of the most sensitive areas of the body when it comes to your skin and if you spend a lot of time outdoors, your skin stands a higher chance of burning. Fortunately a facial can help by restoring your skin. Our facials use products containing vitamin A which help restore your skin, treat wrinkles and reduce dryness.  

Body wrap  

Another must have spa treatment is the body wrap which is excellent for treating dry skin and restoring a natural glow. It begins with luxury exfoliation followed by a relaxing massage and then a nourishing mud wrap.    


As more of your feet will be on display in the summer a pedicure is a must to keep them looking good. Our pedicures include exfoliation, foot soak, rough skin treatment, a massage and treatments for your nails so that you can really enjoy some pampering. 


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